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Bristow, IA - United States

If you want to know who you are, take 10,000 photographs. Then you will have begun the journey to personal expression.
Duane Klipping created BONFIRE photography in 2013. Having shot 30,000 frames in his surrounding region, Butler County Iowa, he is promptly becoming known for his photographs of the area. His main focal point is on wildlife and landscapes but will capture anything his inspired eye envisions would compose a great photo.
He came up with the name BONFIRE to reflect his deep appreciation of the natural world. When asked what it stands for he replied, “The Beauty Of Nature Forever Inspires Revered Empathy. This is what I see when looking at the natural world surrounding us. This is what I endeavor to capture in my shots. So many people never slow down long enough to see the world we are all part of. To see the creatures we share the planet with. To see the views that only time can create. What I am doing is, capturing the world, freezing time, unlocking those precious moments of natural beauty and sharing them with the world.”
'There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.' - Ansel Adams
Having roots deep in Iowa farm county is what he attributes for his passion of nature. A good sampling is shown below of what inspires him and his photography.
The Home Of A People, welcome to my home, Iowa.

If you have a special request, cropping, size etc message me and I will custom edit any of the photos when possible. Thanks for visiting.

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