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Bonfire Photography

Bonfire Photography

Bristow, IA - United States

I finally have decided on a studio name. I will be going with Bonfire Photography. I started out with an abbreviation of BON which stood for “Beauty Of Nature”. I then started to lean towards Bonfire and worked on what the remaining letters would stand for. After a great deal of thought on what my photography intends to illustrate, and means to me, I came to a thought provoking meaning.

“Beauty Of Nature Forever Inspires Revered Empathy.” This is what I see when looking at the natural world surrounding us. This is what I endeavor to capture in my shots. So many people never slow down long enough to see the world we are all part of. To see the creatures we share the planet with. To see the views that only time can create. What I am doing is, capturing the world, freezing time, unlocking those precious moments of natural beauty and sharing them with the world.

This past 11 months I have snapped the shutter on my camera a little over 23,000 times, and presenting the best of those here for all to view and some will purchase. The purchase of my photography supports the hobby by, furnishing gas and new lens allowing better photos to come.
So as you can see my passion is not for fame and glory, but to get people to see the true beauty of life, man can never create the life surrounding him, however he can choose to be a part of it.
For me “Bonfire” is the perfect name.

If you have a special request, cropping, size etc message me and I will custom edit any of the photos when possible. Thanks for visiting.

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Bristow Photo--Duane Klipping

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